Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Wiebe's Visit Texas

As I said yesterday, we had a great time with Geoff & Teresa in town. They stayed for a short 3 days, so we packed a lot in!
The first thing that we packed a lot into was....our Suburban! Check it out - 4 adults, and 4 car seats!
Don't Geoff & Ryan look absolutely ecstatic about being the ones to ride in the back with all those kids! :)

We picnicked at the arboretum,
Teresa & Grace

Larson & Sam checking out the art exhibit
Picnic lunch

Took a trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo,

Sweet baby Gracie
And spent some fun time around the house

Jumping, jumping, jumping.....they had a blast!

We also threw in a lot (a LOT) of shopping, a Stars game (thanks B-Lars!), some golfing, and a ton of talking! It was a great weekend!


Lorraine said...

What great pictures. It does look like you are having a wonderful time. When did you get the trampoline? Fun! Lots of jumping! :)


Ryan said...

4th picture down it looks like Geoff is showing Sam the proper way warm up by a fire on a frigid day.

Teresa said...

Your pictures look so fun and Springy! Makes me want to be outside!