Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My sweet friend....

Our good friends, Geoff & Teresa, came to visit us this weekend. Teresa & I have been friends for a long time - around 15 years (which as of the 12th of next month, equals out to half of my life).

She & I became friends in high school,
Yes, this is prom (or as we Canadians call it "Grad")...and yes, I am aware of my *awesome* hair. Thank you.

We stayed friends through college,
And through meeting future husband (that is husband singular, mine only, since she & her hubby Geoff have been together since 10th grade!)
I stood up for her in her wedding.
And she stood up for me at mine.
She is most definitely, one of my most favorite people on earth.
And this past weekend when they were in town, we did as we usually do - and had a fantastic time!!
More about that.....tomorrow.

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