Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rain drops keep falling on my head.....

but it didn't stop us...we went to the zoo anyways!!! You wouldn't believe how close to all of the animals you get when no one else is around! Larson liked all of the animals that were sleeping, or just lying around. He was not a fan of the gorillas, but he did like the fish.

Secily slept her way through the zoo, but she does have a new "trick"...she can smile!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Good Old Fashioned Fun!!

We spent all of last week in Ohio with Ryan's parents. We had such a great time - on Sunday evening, we went with them to their church picnic. It reminded me SO much of the church picnics that I went to growing up in Dalmeny; it had all of the things that a good church picnic should have......
- kids running everywhere
- food, food, food, (potluck of course) every casserole under the sun, nothing catered
- a hose, it wasn't meant for the kids to play with, but the kids found it, and were playing with it
- lawn chairs
- waterballoons
- sweet lemonade
- "organized" games for the kids
- frisbees
- laughter

Here is a picture of Larson enjoying his first church picnic!

Fresh Start

Ok, so I have been having MAJOR blogging problems this week, so I have created a new account in hopes that this one will work. Not a lot of changes with the new blog - mainly just the address, so I hope it doesn't confuse will just take a minute to save the new address to your favorites list. :)