Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Good Old Fashioned Fun!!

We spent all of last week in Ohio with Ryan's parents. We had such a great time - on Sunday evening, we went with them to their church picnic. It reminded me SO much of the church picnics that I went to growing up in Dalmeny; it had all of the things that a good church picnic should have......
- kids running everywhere
- food, food, food, (potluck of course) every casserole under the sun, nothing catered
- a hose, it wasn't meant for the kids to play with, but the kids found it, and were playing with it
- lawn chairs
- waterballoons
- sweet lemonade
- "organized" games for the kids
- frisbees
- laughter

Here is a picture of Larson enjoying his first church picnic!


Julie Briggs said...

Karin, I must confess that your's is the first blog I've ever been on and I was surprised to see that you are a blogger. cute pic of larson, where is secily?

Karin said...

Welcome to the blogging world Jules! I try not to be that big of a computer geek, but blogging is fun. Don't worry, pic of Secily are on their way.