Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The mug shot tells all.

He did indeed stick a blue M&M up his nose.

Yes, we did retrieve it. But only after a few tries of me telling him to "blow" and him "sniffing" instead.
He oozed blue the rest of the day.


Adam Mirkes said...

did he also bust his lip in 4 places?!?!?

Karin said...

No, he didn't bust his lip - those are just teeth marks of chocolate because yes, he did eat the m&m that came out of his nose.

(note to self: improve quickness of reflexes.)

courtney said...

HA!! hilarious

Anonymous said...

he bleeds blue, thats a true OSAGE!

Anonymous said...

What a pitiful face!!!! Awwww..
it's easy to get "sniff" and "blow" mixed up!! luv, k