Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One Syllable Secily

Secily has been talking for a little while. She has a pretty good vocabulary, and we are super excited that she can now verbalize - makes life easier on us! We do have to do some major translation for others who are listening, but we can understand her. She says a lot of words very clearly, but any word that has multiple syllables, she goes ahead and knocks it down to one. For instance, a few of our favorites are:
"lo"- translation: here you go.
"mere"- translation: come here
"chup" - translation: ketchup
Here is our one syllable Secily in her new boots....

She also decided this week that she had a really great idea for the drawer in their little table....fill it with her macaroni & cheese! So much better than a boring bowl & spoon.

Larson is also cracking us up lately. We is really into Spiderman at the moment, and wants everything to do with Spiderman - toys, blankets, cars, place-mats, etc. We have told him that he can't get a Spiderman toy until he learns his new Bible verse. We have been diligently working on Proverbs 3:5 - and he has the first part memorized fairly well, with one slight hiccup - he pronounces his l's as w's so the verse comes out as "Trust in the world with all your heart". I guess we'll keep working! :)

Here's the two of them doing what they do best -

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