Sunday, April 27, 2008

Secily's Photo Shoot

While we were at the arboretum last weekend I thought it would be great to take some cute pictures of the kids in the flowers. I had thought ahead & dressed Larson & Secily in coordinating outfits....this is the only picture I managed to get of the two of them:

But I really wanted some cute pictures of them in the flowers, so we kept at it. After a few pictures of Secily that looked like this:
We finally got it together (well, partly together, you will notice that Larson didn't quite make it into the rest of the pictures!) and got some cute shots of Secily:


Lesley said...

Ok, That 4th picture is ADORABLE. And umm, duh, I love their outfits! How cute! Awhh :)

Lorraine said...

Me too! I love their outfits!

Moth-ar said...

Loved the photos and your comments made me LOL. Actually, my favorite photo is the one with the sunglasses--very chic. :-)

Natalie said...

Very cute pictures! I'm afraid Larson takes after his dad...not so much for the picture taking.