Monday, October 11, 2010

Theological Ponderings of a 5 Year Old

Larson asks:  Dad, how old is God?
Dad:  Well, God has just always been around.
Larson:  Has he always had his magic?


Larson:  It is hard to know who is in charge.
Dad:  Really?  Why?
Larson:  Well, Jesus is in charge of everything right?  Because He's God.
Dad: Yes
Larson:  But Joseph was Jesus' dad,'s kind-of hard to know.


Larson, praying:
Dear God, thank you for my mom, and my dad, and for you, and your dad, Joseph.  Thank you for Secily & Jane.  Amen.


Erik said...


Katie said...

Love this.

Moth-ar said...

What treasures these words are...and the picture fits perfectly. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it!! What a riot he must be to have in the family!