Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bakers Three

Fall has officially not arrived here in Texas.  There is no chill in the air, no crispness in the early is warm here, a far cry from the memories of my childhood & snow on the ground by Halloween.  I guess although it has not arrived with the weather, it has arrived in my heart, and so the girls & I did some fall baking - pumpkin bread & muffins......maybe it will work to bring the fall weather in - - if you bake it, it will come?

We can only hope.  


alpha said...

come up and see us. High today 52 low 31. chill is in the air......

Terry and Bonnie said...

Come to Saskatchewan we now have snow everywhere.

Moth-ar said... all look SO cute--chill in the air or no. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love you "Baker's Three", and
this morning in Tulsa the air has
finally gotten crisp!!! Yea!!!
Love and Happy Fall....kay