Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The State Fair

We went to the fair this weekend.  
Ryan, Larson & my parents went to the Tech game with the Lowry's, while the girls & I got to hang out with my good friend Martha!  

When the game was over we loaded up the girls & went down to Fair Park.
We rode the Texas Star  

 Secily liked it!

Walking among the masses..

Getting the low-down on how to play the games

Dad's tips worked - big winners!

Riding some rides.

A (hot, sweaty, smelly, dirty, gross) fun time!

It was super fun to have my friend Martha stay for the weekend and experience the fair with us!

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francine said...


first off, i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog layout and the picture at the top! (if you changed it a while ago, my bad, i usually just read your blog from google reader.)

secondly, it's crazy how different your climate is in texas. our state fair is always at the end of july/beginning of august because usually at this time of year it'd be way too cold to do anything. but i bet july/august is too hot to have a fair where you are.

anyway, take care! i love the updates, keep 'em coming :)