Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reunion Weekend

We had a great weekend together with old friends!

Eraina, Abby, Hilary & Cooper

 A busy kitchen

Larson and his "Aunt Henry"

Sweet friends
 The little ladies

This was the kids table one night.  Yep - 10 of them, and that didn't include the 4 babies who were being held!!
 It was good!

 Front row seating for the 7:00 show.

 A much calmer adult table later in the evening

 Mom & Wendy
 Mitch & Jeff

Mark, Ava, & Isaac
A couple more kids Mark, and they will be as tall as you!

The Zacs
 Hi Anders.

 Why walk when you can ride in style?

These two - watching football together.  They call each other every year on the first day of football season - to rejoice.  Then they call each other on the last - to lament.  

So funny to see this pic of our kids, and think that we (Bryan, Jeff, myself, Mitch, Carson, & Mark)  have been friends since we were this age!  I love that the guys have married such great girls and that our kids will play together!

The whole crew - 

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Moth-ar said...

Looks like it was a wonderful time! Your home looks like a great setting for such a gathering and the children all look incredibly well-behaved! How fun!