Thursday, October 21, 2010

Play Ball!

Well, hello Family Night.  We have missed you.   

With all the baseball hype surrounding us, and with a family night being long overdue, we thought why not combine - and so I bring you........  Baseball Night.

We wore our ball caps

We got us some peanuts....

and Crackerja...whoops, forgot the crackerjacks, but I did remember the Klondike bars....

Had some ball park hot dogs

We started off the activities with the old run-around-the-bat game

 A big hit!
Then we played a mean game of ball.

 JaneJane wanted to try to do it all by herself,

And then got a little help after she couldn't quite lift the bat.

 We finished up the night playing freeze tag, and getting the whole family on the trampoline.  Not really baseball-esque, but fun!


Katie said...

Love this Karin!!! And...was that your husband SMILING in a picture with you?

Moth-ar said...

I'm blown away that Jane is big enough to even HOLD the bat! Looks like such a fun time! "Buy me some peanuts and Klondike bars...." has a certain ring...might catch on!
Love and miss you all!

Lesley said...

Awhh, I love it! That picture of Larson with the peanuts should be entered into some kind of contest...for the love of peanuts, perhaps? Can't wait to see y'all!!!