Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Man's Best Friend

This is Scout.

She has been our loyal companion and friend for the past 7 years.  She is a good dog.  The kids love her, and, so do we.  So, tonight, when someone (yours truly) opened the garage door to get something, returned to the house to put the kids down to bed & didn't realize that Scout was not back in the house with us 20 minutes later, a slight panic filled the air.

You see, normally, Scout just hangs around home.  But, since we have moved, she has been staying with Jeff & Chandra (bless them for being so nice!) so I wasn't so sure that Scout would stick close to their place.

We went out in the back & called her.  
No Scout.
We went out to the front & called her.
No Scout.
We got shoes on with our p.j's went out to the car & started driving around calling her.
No Scout.

At this point Larson is becoming very upset that we can't find Scout.  He's tearing up.
I am dying - how sad is a little boy crying over his lost dog?
He asks if dogs go to heaven.
Kill me.

We finish driving around the neighborhood, and park back in front of Jeff & Chandra's.
I unload the kids & as we are walking up the front walk we hear a collar jingling, and it's getting louder..
She comes running across the neighbors yards towards us.

It could have been a movie clip.

Needless to say, I am SO happy that she's back.  And, as you can see from how Larson is sleeping tonight, so is he.


Anonymous said...

awww. larson is so cute. so glad you found her! sammy (and mommy) can't wait to see larson, secily, and jane! the countdown is on. hurry up and be over winter!


Lorraine said...

So glad Scout has returned. We know that awful feeling.... when Scout stayed with us and ran away. Ahhhhh!!!! Thankfully she is home safe and sound.

Angie said...

I am so glad that story had a happy ending. And I love that pic. So sweet!

Yuriko said...

Phew! Glad it had a "homeward bound" ending...That is a great dog!

Jinny said...

That's the scariest feeling in the world isn't it. It happened to us last Fall when we had just moved. We couldn't find Holly anywhere in the yard or on the street. Colin was getting ready to go walking around looking for her when I had a thought...I opened Liam's bedroom door and there was Holly curled up on some blankets on his floor sleeping. She had snuck in after me when I had gone to check on him at one point in the evening.
I'm really glad Larson's dog is safe at home now. :)