Friday, December 18, 2009

He's FIVE!

Larson turned five years old on Wednesday!  What a great day!
He went out for a special birthday lunch with Grandma & Grandpa.  Larson got to pick the restaurant, & I'll give you one guess as to where they went.....
As Ryan put it "of course he picked McDonald's, as any good, red-blooded American would do!"
There is nothing better than a happy meal when you are 5.

We had a family celebration with cake & presents.

I realized this year that Larson has much lower expectations than I do when it comes to the cake - a square cake + a couple action figures = one happy 5 year old!

Happy Birthday to my fun, kind, thoughtful, joyful, tenderhearted boy!  I love you!


yuriko said...

still.. an impressive cake.

glad the day was enjoyable, and we were happy to say happy birthday to Larson live from Thailand.

Lesley said...

No kidding, I think that cake is sweet. :)

Happy belated birthday, Little Larson.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Larson! Come play with us soon!!!

Katie said...

And....I LOVE that pick of Jane and your dad. Too cute.