Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Farewell Old Friend

This past month we moved.

We moved out of our first home, the place we have lived for the past seven years.  So many memories wrapped up in that house. (So much work put into it!) As we were packing up I was thinking back to all the good times we had in this house -

The greatest part of that house, though, was the people who were in it, and those who came through it, and we didn't leave those behind.

So we are off to make new memories, in a new house.  Where?  We don't know yet, but I'll keep you posted.


Lorraine said...

Loved the pictures, love the memories, love the people!

And I can still hear Preston saying: " Give me the baby! Give me the baby"...

Katherine said...

Lord, help us!

Anonymous said...

My memories go clear back to when Lin bought the house, and we'd go
visit her there. Prayers for you to find your new home quickly. Love, kay

Allecia said...

Oh hard. I can totally relate, and it's been over a year for us. On an encouraging note though, God keeps his promise to give you "more than you can ask or imagine"

Thanks for the Christmas card...LOVED it!

Katie said...

I think Secily and Jane's baby pictures look so much alike!!! How was Larson ever that little?