Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Night - Road Trip!

Family night turned into an all day affair today.  It started with Ryan's idea yesterday - he wanted to eat at Mazzio's Pizza, a pizza place that he remembers from when he lived in Oklahoma.  Turns out, we needed to go to Oklahoma in order to get it.

So, this morning, around 10:00, we got in the car to go get some lunch.  As we were driving, we thought, hey - - we are already in Oklahoma, may as well go just a little further and hit up the.....

It's a drive through animal safari.  So, we got our feed, loaded up in the front seat,

and off we went....

We had just gotten inside the gates when the animals noticed us.

Well, hello there!  Aren't you cute?

And you!  You look like a giant poodle!, sir, are giving me the creep out.

I will now roll up my window.  Thank you.
No feed for you.  We are moving on.

Ah - you look so soft, & those bottom teeth - what's not to love!?

Camels!  Fun

Well, hi there!

Yes, we have some food for you.  Just pose for a quick picture first, okay?

Oh, okay, we're taking too long?  The food, right...

Okay! Okay!  Please exit the vehicle Mr. Camel.

**confession - as I was taking this picture, I was also huddled in the far corner of the front seat of the Suburban, shouting "Drive! Ryan!Drive!", as I squeezed the kids so hard that Larson had to say to me "Mom, why are you choking me?"  Because Larson, if you hadn't noticed, there is a CAMEL IN OUR CAR!  Ryan told me I was over-reacting, and would probably scar our children for the rest of their lives**

Moving right along....
I wasn't the only one who got a little freaked out by Mr. Camel.  This is where Secily moved to after his departure from the front seat (this, of course had everything to do with Mr. Camel, and nothing to do with her panic-and-put-your-kids-in-a-choke-hold mother)

She was going to watch through the windows for awhile.
Oh, hello little Donkey.  You are cute, and not so intrusive.  You look just like the donkey in Shrek.  I'll roll down my window & give you some food....

You're welcome.

Oh boy, it's the ostrich.  How creepy are those necks!?  My window was (once again) rolled up.

Alright, on to some more lovable animals...the zebras!  Hello you two!

Look who got her courage back up and came to see the zebra!

We also saw buffalo, deer, antelope, white tiger (in a cage!), rhino's (also in a cage), warthogs, giraffes.  Such a fun time!

Side note:  Jane was in attendance today.  She actually rode in the front seat for a little while.  AFTER the camels.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh....I laughed myself through that post. Love it Karin! That camel.....priceless.

yuriko said...

Now I am wondering why I had to travel all the way to Egypt to see a camel.. they come right to your window and even further into your personal space right there in Oklahoma. What a fun adventure, I am so glad you had your camera handy. Great post! Great family day!

Karate Mom said...

This post cracked me up!!! Love the pic of the camel in the car and the dialogue that went along with it!
You know, you were just a hop skip and a jump from Tulsa. You should have stopped by! (OK, so it was actually 2 hours and 53 minutes from Tulsa. But you could have stopped by anyway!!) :)

Erik Larson said...

I love the second picture of the Donkey - nice work!

Not too much overreaction to the camel - they've got a strong bite, believe me, I know...

Tiff said...

Impressive. I would have expected upon seeing the ostrich (giant bird...shudder), you would have been in the back seat, rocking and sucking your thumb. :) Not too bad to have ONLY put the children in a choke hold.

Su-Ann said...

Awesome narrating Karin!!! Love the adventurous things you do with your family!!!

Anonymous said... are SO funny. I love the
way you tell stories, and make me
laugh. Hope your Christmas was the best. Lin says you visited on
Skype. Isn't techology wonderful? Love, kay

Anonymous said...

Haha Karin you make me laugh out loud. Miss you! Hope you had a great Christmas.