Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We also went to.....The North Pole!!

Just outside of Lake Placid NY, there is the North Pole NY- complete with a sweet little amusement park where all the workers dressed as elves, and Christmas music was pumped through the loud speakers. Glenn took the kids & I the day that everyone else went white water rafting. (BO-RING) (just kidding about the boring bit...someone needed to stay and watch the kids, and you know, feed Jane) We had a great day!
The rides were all preschool size so not only were there NO lines all day, but the kids could ride by themselves!
There was a Ferris Wheel: the kids are in the top car...

Christmas tree Ornament ride:

Secily on the ornament ride - again -I guess the no lines, unlimited riding can result in some time to do a little light reading....

Peppermint swings:

A rocket ride (or maybe it was a luge?):

Riding on the reindeer carousel

Cinderella does not ride the horses (or reindeer) to the ball, she rides in the carriage.

Secily the Mouse & Grandpa Glenn the reindeer

They even had the 8 reindeer!! Larson with Blitzen:

Larson & Grandpa Glenn on the train

There was also a roller-coaster that Larson loved....we rode it 4 times in a row!
And, the official North Pole...a pole of ice!


Teresa said...

Karin - please tell me that you brought a winter clothes to change all of the kids into for this years Christmas card?! Or is August too early for that?

Anonymous said...

This is exactly like Lin and I
enjoyed as kids in Colo. I'm
sure she told you. Loved the, k