Monday, August 03, 2009

Lake Placid, NY

Ahhhh....this is what we woke up to for the past week. So peaceful.

We had a great week hanging out with the family.

Jane dotting the Ohio "i" in her Ohio State onsie that Alan & Francine gave to her!

Lesley, Linda, Jane & I at the High Falls Gorge:

Secily & I at the top of the ski jumps that were used in the 1980 Winter Olympics:

Elizabeth, Linda, Secily & I ready to receive our medals....


Sparkler fun:

Larson & Secily are so lucky to have uncles & aunts who are so patient, and fun, and willing to play with them....the kids love being with them. The first morning that we were there, Larson woke up came into our room, saw that we were still in bed, and turned to leave. "Larson" I said, "where are you going?" "Upstairs" he replied, "to see my friends." Awh.

The whole reason that we vacationed in Lake Placid was to be there to cheer on Preston as he competed in the Ironman competition. The official cheering squad:

He completed the race (all 140.6 miles of it!). Nice job Preston!!
It was a great week !


Lesley said...

Awhh,I love it! I want to be there now. :) know, holding your babies and all. Heheh

Jennifer said...'ve officially convinced guys have THE coolest family, and family vacations! Y'all are like the ultimate Brady Bunch family...I mean, matching "cheer squad" T-shirts? How cool is that?