Friday, August 28, 2009

He's all boy.

We often play this (for lack of a better word) game at meal times. It goes like this - I think of some random category and we go around the table saying one word that would fit.

Sounds thrilling right? I know. It is.

The kids like it, and it does help them sort things out - healthy food, or junk food, for example. We were playing the 'game' tonight at dinner, and after a few (apparently boring) rounds of listing things like colors, and things that live in the ocean, Larson pipes up with "Next time, let's do weapons."

I must admit, that is one category I would have never thought of.


Karate Mom said...

It's amazing to me how boys are obsessed with weapons! Declan has always loved swords and guns and light sabers!

Natalie said...

That's fantastic!

Yates Family said...

That sounds like a fun game!