Thursday, May 15, 2008

Of Mice and Men

A few nights ago, I come home to find a small, unwanted "house-guest" scampering about. I do not like mice. I don't even like hamsters, or guinea pigs. I do not think they are cute, I think they are gross. So, as soon as I recognize our intruder, I do as any girl would - I run to the bedroom to get my husband to take care of it. He slowly (he is MUCH less concerned over this whole matter than I am) gets the broom and looks for our little friend, but to no avail. The little mouse has gotten away and is running free through our house. *sigh*
We set a few traps the next day. Nothing. I am beginning to get very worried at this point. I really do not want this creature in my house.
Then, this afternoon I hear it! I hear the creature in our bathroom. I immediately call Ryan who is about to get off of work, and he tells me that yes, he will take care of it. 20 minutes later he arrives home with this:

To catch a mouse.

Needless to say, the critter is STILL running around our house.

And, yes - if ever there is an attempt to catch the tiny mouse with the enormous fishing net, I will have the video camera ready! And I will share. :)


Ryan said...

If you would have heard Karin's voice on the "call to work" you would have thought a net of at least this size was necessary.

courtney said...

so, are you saying i should rethink packing a mouse trap in my tackle box for my fishing trip this weekend?

Tiff said...

You forgot the detail of him brushing his teeth first. Fresh breath and rodent control go hand in hand.

Ana said...

Hilarious! Murray and I could have used a fishing net to catch some of those huge Arkansas trailer rats. Gross.

Natalie said...

I sure hope you find the little guy for two reasons:
1. Mice ARE gross and who wants that in their house.
2. I want to see the video of Ryan fishing for mice.

Lesley said...

I like Ryan's safety gloves...and ipod headphones. Totally understandable.