Monday, May 12, 2008

Lake Weekend

We spent this past weekend at our friends Tim & Sarah's lake house. A weekend at the lake is always great - and this was no exception!!
We flew kites,

Sarah & Lauren:
Ryan, Larson & Secily:

Ryan & Secily headed down to the dock,
Even Scout got in on the fun!

And, what is a weekend at the lake without a great splinter!? Larson was the not-so-lucky winner this weekend.....
Ouch. He was really good about it, and after only a few tears - and a Popsicle - we had it out and were back to playing.
We finished off the weekend in Fort Worth, where Tim & Ryan sent Sarah & I out to be pampered on Mother's Day. :) It was a good weekend.

Then yesterday, the time had come - and I said goodbye to the 'roaring twenties.'

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and birthday greetings.


Adam Mirkes said...

Happy 30th. Also, I hate Tim for not getting a lake invite. :)

Ana said...

Hey, is Larson doing the "Gig'em Aggies" sign? Love it!
Happy Birthday, Karin! We love you!

Teresa said...

Looks like the big 3-0 conjured a smile from Ryan....way to go Karin!

Anonymous said...

Happy big 30 from the Tabors

PS Mirkes is a Tool

Russ said...

congrats on 30 years. What was more challenging, the first 24 without Ryan, or the last 6 with him??