Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bright Sunshiney Day!

We had some great weather today, so Chandra, the kids & I headed to the pool. It was the first pool visit of the summer and the kids were SO excited. They both loved the pool more than they did last year. Especially Secily - we couldn't get her out!

Chandra has been Larson's Sunday School teacher all year which has been so great both for him, and for me (because I get to hear all of the stories of what goes on!). Today Chandra told me that during class they were telling the kids the Bible story......
"Today's story is about a man named Peter" she says.
"Peter Parker?" Larson excitedly asks
"Uh, no. A different Peter"

I promise we read him Bible stories at home.


Tree & Geoff said...

Karin your blog makes us laugh out loud! We miss you guys!

Lorraine said...

Oh what a fun day! I wish I could have been there to join in. In August! :)