Sunday, September 17, 2006

Secily the Superstar!!

Well, it was a great weekend for many reasons, the first one being that:
Secily slept through the night....twice!! Yeah! Here is the superstar with her very happy Mommy.

The weekend was also good because:
***We got to hang out with Bryan & Eriana, Jeff & Chandra, and Garrett & Jen. It was a great Saturday night, complete with football (even though Tech lost...boooo), Trivial Pursuit and Rootbeer floats.

***Bryan & Eraina brought Ryan a gift. It was the piano music to all of the songs in High School Musical. He's been practicing already.

***Our Sunday School class is hilarious. Our lesson today was about Noah & the ark. At one point during the story, I said "The ark was like a floating zoo" to which one of our kids said "What if it had been a floating library instead?" Hmm...I hadn't thought of that before.....
Also, during the story, one of the sweet little girls raises her hand and asks why there had to be 2 of each animal. Uh....ok....I wasn't planning on going there when I was planning the lesson. I think I put together some answer about having a Mommy and a Daddy animal so they could have baby animals.

***Ryan & I joined a Sunday evening class at church. It's a "Walk Through the Bible" type class with our senior pastor. We really like him, so I think we will really like the class.

***I took pictures with both Larson & Secily.

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