Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Larson List

Here are 10 things that Larson is doing these days:

1. Imitating. He will imitate whoever is around. He imitates actions mainly, since he is not really into speaking all that much. Here he is "filling up the lawnmowers" just like Daddy does.

2. Not wanting to get dressed in the morning. For some reason, he is loving just being in his diaper. Actually, he doesn't even like the diaper that much, but thankfully he has not figured how to take it off yet. So, if you stop by our house and my child is not clothed, you will know why.

3. Helping. Larson loves to be a helper to me or to Ryan. Like yesterday for instance, when I was loading the dishwasher he was being a helper and took all of the dirty cutlery and put them into my clean cutlery drawer :) Here he is helping Ryan play the guitar.

4. Elmo. We have started letting him watch Sesame Street on some days. He loves Elmo. He pronounces it "Melmo".

5. Seperation Anxiety. He is not liking getting dropped off in the church nursery. He starts crying when we get to the church parking lot. It's so sad. He settles down really quickly once he is there, and he has a good time, it's just the drop off that is bad.

6. Learning new things quickly. We just learned 'knees', and what a kitty & a cow says, and how to say Secily. He picks up on these things much faster now.

7. Toys that sing. He just got this fridge magnet farm animal thing. You can put the animals in the farm & it sings this little song. He loves playing with it.

8. Climbing. On the coffee table, on his little table, on the kitchen table, on the chairs, on anything he possibly can!

9. Saying "hi" and "bye". He will say it to anyone.

10. Dumping things out. He loves to dump stuff - like his blocks from their bag, or the baskets of toys that are in his room, anything that he can turn upside down, and the stuff inside makes a lot of noise falling out.

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