Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whirlwind Holiday Tour

Our Christmas week was busy & fun.  Ryan worked this Christmas, so we were here, but since my entire family has moved to Texas - it was great to be here!
Larson helped Grandpa make a was so great that it was cold enough here to need a fire!

I heard that it was the first white Christmas in Texas since the 1930's.  (that could be a total lie, I have no idea)  But, we did have a great time playing in the snow.  It was, as Christmas should be.

We made, and ate, gingerbread houses

Hung out with the cousins

The kids loved opening gifts,

(after Larson opened this gift, he kept saying over & over, "Dad & Mom, I love you.")

We kept with the winter theme, and went ice skating on the 26th.

We had a great time with the family.  The grandkids love listening to Grandpa's stories

We finished off the holiday season watching the Tech game at the Lowry's.  Always good to hang out with the Tech crew.

Larson & Lauren entered the new year in style!

It was a great Christmas.  We are so thankful for family & friends to share it with.

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