Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Night - Dr. Seuss Inspired

Today had arrived and with it some smiles
for today was a day for the Family of Files.
A night for fun and giggles and glee,
a great night in store for the whole family.

Bright, fun and flashy was the idea for decor,
but after some doing, they needed some more.
So, they thought and they thunk, and they said what we wish
is for our table to be finished with some tiny goldfish.

Now the table's just right, we like it like that
We just need now, to find the right hat.
We shan't go to dinner not properly dressed
For Cat-in-the-Hat night, we must look our best.

Ah-ha! That's the one, the one white and red
It looks just swell when worn on top of the head

We are now ready for dinner, ready I am
and what else would we eat,
But green eggs and ham!

The dinner was tasty, we liked it all right!
A great beginning to our Seussical night.
Onto our craft, after dinner we went
To see what creatures we could bend with our bent.

The pipe cleaners were twisted and turned to create
but the creatures didn't really turn out so great
So we started to make &  play with instead,
different types of makings we could wear on our heads....

Jane looked on from her place on the floor
Until she decided that she wanted some more
So she pulled herself up, and joined in the fun
Ah! I can't believe she is almost one.

The night had been great
For more we couldn't wish,
but then we looked over,
and glanced at the fish....

Their swimming had slowed, their faces were frowning
if we didn't know better, we'd think they were drowning!
Alas, they were not happy in such a small place
We decided to free them, to a much bigger space

Now stop that right now! Stop thinking of flushing
We took them instead to a creek that was rushing

We released them and they happily went on their way
We were glad that they shared in our Suessical day.


courtney said...

y'all are too cute!

you should totally write a children's book!

francine said...

<3 <3 <3
that post made me smile so much!

PFiles said...

I was seriously ready for a flushing.

Lorraine said...

I totally agree with Courtney! Actually with everyone, even Preston, but mostly with Courtney!

Teresa said...

Always enjoy reading about a good ol' fashion Files' family night

Karate Mom said...

Your clever-icity knows no bounds! I want to come live with YOU!

Sarah said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Julie said...

karin, you need to stop.
on another note, your kids are ridiculously cute and jane is a smiley one isn't she?

Anonymous said...

I was pretty sure Karin wouldn't flush (as far as the kids knew) but I'm wondering if those fish lasted more than 7 seconds in "the wild."

Moth-ar said...

I'm so impressed with your poem! Amazing idea - what a fun time --loved seeing the pics and everyone.

Yuriko said...

There's no words to express how brilliant that post was. You are so creative!

WinterBlog said...

You may just be the most fun family on the planet!

Jinny said...

You are hilarious and amazing. Glad you guys had lots of fun. That one picture of Jane where she's scrunching up her nose, she TOTALLY looks like you!

Su-Ann said...

that looks like awesome fun!! coupled with an amazing poem... you are totally incredible, Karin, with your story-telling creativity!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Karin, You never cease to amaze me....and now a poet??? Oh, stop!!! I also want to come live with you....OK???
Love, kay

Allecia said...

This post could get you nominated for blog of the year! LOVE IT! Your family fun nights are inspiring.

Adam Mirkes said...

Those fish can't survive in creek water, so you might as well have flushed them.