Sunday, November 01, 2009

Lil' Sticks

Hypothetical: Someone says you have to either eat a lil' stick or
some poison.

...How much poison?


courtney said...

Lil' Sticks, please!! I love those things! Actually, I've only had the Gerber brand, but I'm assuming these are the same. Trust me--they're awesome!

abby jenkins said...

bring on the arsenic!

Anonymous said...

baby food and food in general should not come out of a box, jar or can, why don't we cook anymore? why don't we eat fresh? no wonder how obese america is

Bonzi said...

At my last job, Gerber was one of my clients and as such I would sometimes have to do work in grocery stores in the baby food section. One time I dropped one of those jars. It did not smell good. And it's not a light stink.

darthgirl94 said...

I would be right with you on the poison