Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The joy of Bunkbeds

As they were jumping this evening (not something we do all the time, but our house is a little turned upside down right now as we pack) Larson says to me: "Mom, this time I'm going to try to land on my back"
Me: "I don't think that is a good idea Larson. I don't think that is safe"
Larson: " Oh, Mom. Don't worry, God will protect me"

Aw, sweet.....yes, a little.
Also, trying to get away with something Mom advises against......definitely.

Me: "Larson, God does protect us, but He also wants us to make good choices."

He decided to land on his feet.
Secily also decided to make a good choice & jump from the bottom bunk!


Unga Punga said...

I think they need swinging beds! Have a good move. :)


Yates Family said...

LOVE it! You guys are moving?