Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Erik & Yuriko

My little brother Erik, and my sister-in-law, Yuriko are so creative. They are hugely talented, and were so kind to take some family pictures of us while they were here this past month. I'm still going through them, trying to decide Christmas card, baby announcement (yes, for Jane. Yes, it's late. very. late.) But the pics are too good not to post a few of them....

I'd take bookings for them, but, as it turns out, they will be travelling the world for the next 5 months! They are flying to Cairo, Egypt right now, and have long list of places that they are going. You can check out their travelling website here.


Teresa said...

OK - those pictures are FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see which pictures you guys pick!

Angie said...

Love, love them!! That last picture is precious...especially y'all standing behind them. So cute!

Amy said...

Hey Karin! I just found your blog from a link/comment on Yuriko and Erik's travel blog. I saw these pictures when Yuriko posted them on Facebook. They're super! Yuriko/Erik (not sure who took them) really have a(?) great eye(s) for photography.

I've just spent a while (while nursing) reading the last couple months of your blog. Your kids are BEAUTIFUL! How old are they each? Mine are 6 1/2 (Liam), almost 3 (Simon) and 10 months (Andrew)... and Nathaniel of course, who would've been 4 this year.

I loved your post about getting ice cream that the Marble Slab and the process of loading/unloading your kids... I can SO relate!

Here's a post (on my blog) with some family photos we had taken (I traded blog design services with a local photographer... good deal!) in September. Although I promise that Simon (the middle) one does actually look happy most of the time (unlike his solemn/sad look in almost all the pictures)!

Looking forward to keeping up a bit more with your little family. If that's okay.

Say hi to Ryan from me and Peter.

Amy said...

I had to enter a new word verification THREE TIME before I got it right! Am I going blind???

Allecia said...

WOW! Awesome! Post more, post more! :o)