Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

There is never a shortage of Princess-themed things to do around our house. Secily makes sure that everyone is often invited to a tea-party, or the ball, or a dance... I knew I saved all of my old bridesmaid dresses for a reason!

Larson is frequently asked to stand in as "The Prince". He will agree to dance with Secily

and somehow maneuver the dance into a wrestling match.....

...every time.

We enjoyed some time with Anders & my parents this weekend. Here is Grandpa with the youngest 2 grandkids.

Jane & I before Larson's t-ball game on Saturday.


Lesley said...

I want to go to a tea party! That last picture of you and Jane is so cute...lookin' good, Karin! :)

Teresa said...

OK -- that is hilarious that you shimmied on your bridesmaid dress for the tea party. Love it!

And Jane is so stinkin precious! Look - she's not even crying with a cute bow on her head...I'm a tiny bit jealous ;)

Katie said...

Love the princess, love the wrestling and love the pic of you and Jane!

Natalie said...

I love the double use bridesmaids dress! Every bride tries to pick a dress that their bridesmaids can "wear again". Few actually think about where the girls will wear them.

Jennifer said...

Man, and to think, I just tossed a bridesmaid dress in the trash because I was tired of looking at it in the bottom of our "take to the cleaners" pile. If only I had kept up with my reading and had seen this post earlier!! Arughhh, sorry Saffren!