Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Magical World of Disney!

We went on a mini-vacation this week, and took the kids to Disney World! We decided to start slow, and just do one day at the Magic Kingdom while they were this young. It worked out great, one day at the park in the heat was about all we could handle!
The family on Main Street:

Secily's highlight of the day was meeting Cinderella:

Larson loved driving the race cars:

We rode rides - here we are on the teacups:

And saw some shows:
this is Larson watching the pirates on stage

Secily & I:
Jane's visit to Disney pretty much looked like this:

We stayed at the Gaylord Hotel which also was awesome! They had so much for us to do. We spent an afternoon & evening at the hotel when we first arrived in Florida, and after playing all day Secily said "That was a fun day." (brief pause) "Hey!! We forgot to go to Disney World!"
They had alligators & turtles to look at (& feed if you were there at the right time!) There's an alligator laying on the rock by Secily's head....
We ate dinner on a boat
And they had a fantastic pool & splash park!

Ryan & Larson going down the slide:

It was a great time - even travelling with all of us went well....what more could we ask for!?


Lorraine said...

So fabulous!!

francine said...

oh my gracious how fun!! i've never been to disney world, so i'm pretty jealous actually :)

ps. that quote by secily was super adorable!!!

Lesley said...

Oh my wow, that looks like so much fun! First: check the picture where Ryan and Larson are taking the exact same foot positioning. Creeps. Second: the picture of you and Secily is adorable. Awhh, very good post. :)

Ryan said...

On this last pic Larson looks like a magical Narnian elf skipping through time.

Yuriko said...

Ohhhh!!! How FUN!
That makes my day!
What a perfect age to take Secily and Larson to Disney World. Very memorable!

Anonymous said...

It looks like so much fun! Great pictures :] Can't wait to see you in a month!


Eraina said...

Y'all packed it in. Those pictures are cute and so fun :). The best is Secily thinking they already had the best time - and that was before Disney World. And... a magical Narnian elf is funny.

Allecia said...

So fun! Looks like a great time was had by all!

Teresa said...

Your pics make me want to hit up Disney -- how fun!!

Narnian elf...hilarious.