Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sanhedrin or Sewers?

Larson: "Mom....I Nicodemus in the Bible, he a Ninja Turtle?"

Raphael, could fit.


courtney said...

love that kid!

Teresa said...

Does this mean Moses has been replaced?

alpha said...

We were all wondering that, we were just afraid to ask

pfiles said...

Though I am sure Nicodemus loved pizza too.

Erik Larson said...

I love the title of this blog.

Dr. Kent said...

Can you write a Larson and Cecily book for me? I always try to remember all their stories so I can tell friends but I am sure I forget some of them.

PS: This "Word Verification" today is really a tough one to read. Almost looks like Iginla (as in Jerome) but I think that is wrong!

Rob said...

Nicodemus was the sweet head of the Rats of Nimh. So he's close.