Thursday, January 08, 2009

All Was Merry and Bright

We had a great holiday season! We spent Christmas with my family, and then Ryan's family came down for New Year's. It was so fun to spend time with (almost) everyone, and now that we are back into routine, it seems far too quiet around here!

The kids LOVED Christmas this made it so much fun for us.

Larson has been asked a few times what his favorite gift was and without fail he has answered "Spiderman toothpaste", or "Spiderman mints". Easy to please, that kid!

We also spent time doing what it seems every other American family did this Christmas...playing the Wii.

We did have a brief bit of drama in our Christmas when on Christmas Eve, I wound up in the emergency room. Thankfully, the baby is fine, and I am fine, so after a brief stay I was sent home with strict resting orders. Our families were WONDERFUL as they basically babysat me & the children for a week!
Erik & Yuriko have even come over just to read bedtime stories to the kids! We are going to miss them when they leave!

The Files came in on the 31st and we had a great 6 days with them!

Tech played Old Miss in the CottonBowl on the 2nd. Ryan, Preston, and Natalie all graduated from Tech, and Elizabeth goes to Old Miss, where Glenn also went back in the day! So, the game was a bit of a family affair.

We even got the Larson and the Files clans all together a few times!

And, we did what Linda, Lesley and I do best.....we went SHOPPING! Yes, I did say that I was on strict resting orders, but that didn't slow us down - we went ahead and rented the scooter for the Dillard's New Year's Day sale - complete with the loud BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! every time I had to back up.
Yes, I have pictures.
No, I will not post them.
It is always so fun to shop sales after Christmas, especially when the sales are better than we expected! We pretty much stayed in control of ourselves, unless you consider Lesley laying down a mannequin to take off the item of clothing that she needed 'out of control'. It was worth it...she got a great deal!

We also discovered that we like Bubble Tea. Ymmmm. The perfect shopping refreshment.

Hope you all have had a great start to 2009!


Lesley said...

Oh yes, definitely out of control. It felt so wrong leaving the mannequin naked but I mean, it looking back it was the right thing to do. I miss all of you guys!!

Teresa said...

I am picturing the scooter and hearing guys are serious shoppers!!

Karate Mom said...

Yes. That was out of control. But would we expect anything else from Lesley, Shopper Extrordinaire? I think not?

Dr. Kent said...

MMmmmm....E & Y Introduced me to bubble tea a couple years back. Small town SK doesn't have a lot of bubble tea to offer....which likely a good thing for my pocket book. AND I beg for pictures of the scooter! ha ha ha....a better story would be you in the scooter undressing a manequin but it is still pretty "out of control" for anyone to do it. Glad to hear you are well.

Sherri said...

Haha about the shopping...your girls were out of control!
It looks like you had a great Christmas!!! We love our Wii husband bought me the Guitar Hero World Tour for it this Christmas!