Monday, December 15, 2008

Spiderman Birthday

The day finally came....the day he had been waiting for for the past 364 days....his birthday party!!
It was, of course, Spiderman themed.....
We played Spiderman Bingo,

had a Spiderman Pinata,

and a Spiderman Cake,

**yes, he is missing his two front teeth - -the dentist had to pull them this week almost a year after he fell on them. We may have a toothless smile for the next few years!**

And even finished out the night with some "web slinging"

It was a good time!

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Kakkie said...

larson is getting so big. I hope he had a wonderful birthday. We miss y'all so much and I think about y'all all the time. Can't wait to see you!