Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Probably should have done a slideshow......

But really - don't you just love the pictures complete with commentary? I thought so.
So, here is a not-so-brief recap of our Thanksgiving trip to Ohio:

To get things started off on the right foot,

we found Grandpa Glenn's old BB gun! What is a Thanksgiving without guns, right!?

Larson L-O-V-E-D it!

We had an "awesome" bonfire (yes, awesome was in the official title on the 'to-do' list - we were going to have an awesome bonfire. And we did.)
What's a bonfire without some round-the-fire singing?

The Pointer Sisters? I'll spare you having to listen to the video.....

Linda & Elizabeth

Larson roasting his marshmallow. Actually - Larson holding his marshmallow around the fire pit for 1.3 seconds before deciding it was done enough to eat.


Lesley made the entire Thanksgiving dinner! Impressive and delicious!

She not only made the dinner for the huge family, but also for the 5 Iraqi refugee's that joined us.

Elizabeth & I.

Larson loves his Aunt Lesley! Awh.

These weren't on the Thanksgiving menu. And I'm thankful for that. Ryan did however eat them when we went out.
We went to eat & listen to some local music one night,
the kids had gone home, but left their cups with me, so when the band asked us to raise our glasses, what else could we do?

The best seat in the house!

Like I seat!

Ryan, Lesley, Elizabeth & I all went to a BlueJackets game. It was Elizabeth's first NHL game - I think we now have a new fan-for-life! :)

Ryan, Elizabeth & Lesley at the game.

Ryan & I on his birthday. (Happy 33rd Birthday Ryan...quack!quack!) What better way to spend your 33rd than going.......bowling!!!

Larson's first-time bowling.

Secily's too!

The shoes, as you might expect from a bowling alley, were awesome.

For Ryan's birthday dinner we went out to a Japanese Steakhouse - the kids were mesmerized by the meal cooked at the table. All that fire - exciting!!

Larson watching the fire! I love the look of wonder.

And after he opened his gifts, we couldn't help but nearly kill him with Silly String.

Elizabeth & I at the Norman Rockwell Art Exhibit.

An Ohio tradition....snow cones with Granny!

And we sign off of Thanksgiving.....and head into the Christmas season!
Cue Jingle Bells.


courtney said...

it's a shame you guys didn't get up and do something! ;)

Teresa said...

I'm worn out from looking at all of your adventures! And, ummm, I'm going to need the full story on the refugees

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great trip. karin you look great!
lots of love,

Anonymous said...

As much as I love you, I simply
cannot support the quack-quack reference.


yuriko said...

Wow!!!! what an amazing thanksgiving! that is very special you could share the dinner with the 5 extra guests, and very impressive that Leslie made the whole meal. we look forward to seeing you soon. thanks for uploading the photos, it looked like fun!

Karin said...

Marty I know you love the quack!quack! Don't deny it.

Julie said...

Karin, you look beautiful in all your pics and it looks like you all had a great time. Hope you are well. disregard marty's remarks. she can't help it.

Lesley said...

I love everything. Come back soon! It was so great to get to hang out with my long lost roommate! :)

Karate Mom said...

1. Now you need to devote a whole blog posst to "quack quack".

2. My birthday tradition is to eat at Osaka, where they cook at the table. Now it's Reilly and Declan's, too! SCORE! I get to go there three times a year!

3. Ryan ate a frog butt? Gross.