Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding....

We are officially in the Christmas spirit!

To kick off the holiday cheer, last week, we went to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to see their Christmas Concert featuring Michael W. Smith. Yes, you read that right....friends are friends forever. It was a great concert - He was wonderful, he also had Melinda Doolittle (American Idol) singing with him who was a-maz-ing. I love nights like that - a big thanks to my brother Bryan and his beautiful wife Eraina, for getting the season started out right!

Then, this past weekend we went to Frisco's Merry Main Street. It is such a sweet little town festival with a ton of lights, crafts for the kids, carolers, brass ensembles, hot chocolate....they even had snow machines to really complete the Christmas feel.

When Larson saw this guy he pointed and exclaimed "Look Daddy! A goat!"

They also had balloons for the kids - Secily got an elf hat.

We finished decorating the house - complete with the new Christmas tree.

Hmmmm......12 ornaments in a 1 ft. area....can you tell who decorated this part of the tree?

I'll give you one guess.
Ok, 2 guesses.

And that's not all! We have even gone out driving, looking at Christmas lights. We were out on Friday night with my parents, and came to a street where everyone was in the spirit of the season. We stopped in front of the houses - about 4 of them that all looked like this:

"Oooohhhh!" I said to the kids "Look at all the lights!"
To which Secily responded:


Anonymous said...
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Lesley said...

Larson...Auntie Lesley loves you. A precious.

Karate Mom said...

I'm observant, just like Secily! you can attribute to Ryan's side of the family, I guess!

I love Larson's goat comment! Kids are too funny!