Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank You For Being a Friend......

I went to Houston this past weekend for my annual "TSG Reunion", and can I just say that I love hanging out with these girls!? We all worked together on the leadership team at Camp the summer of 2000 - and have remained such good friends. We are a diverse group - I think that is what makes it so good. I don't have a-n-y pictures from the weekend, but as soon as the elected photographer sends them out, I will be sure to post.

When I got home, the kids were clean, the house was standing & everything was still pretty much in order. Ryan had even made caramel covered apples with the kids.

We enjoyed them tonight.

The apple was too heavy for Secily to actually hold upright, but she licked the caramel which, let's be honest, is all she really wanted anyway.


Karate Mom said...

See, that's my problem with caramel apples. All I really want is the caramel, but they're so festive, somehow I feel that when fall rolls around, I NEED to make them. But then all I want to do is lick the caramel off!

Karate Mom said...

I meant to say, "They're so much trouble and all I really want is the caramel..."
I'm such a dork.

Ana said...

good times karin! i stole the pic from you!

yuriko said...

That looks yummy.. now you should try candy apples.. love the pic of secily..

yah!! for the good news. we are estatic for you guys. can't wait to hear all about it come dec.

glad you had a wonderful time with the "ex-leadership team".

Daver said...

Was Sandra there? If so, I want stories!

Anonymous said...

Props to Ryan for making caramel apples and the clean house!!

Karin said...

Super -
Sandra couldn't make it this year (boooo) We missed her - and all her craziness.