Sunday, October 05, 2008

Gone Bananas!

Secily loves bananas. She really does. She proved it again today as she ate two bananas in one sitting!

Impressive Secily!

Larson was out jumping on the trampoline today, the nets were a little loose, & he hit his head against one of the bars. He was upset, so I went to check things out. Sure enough, blood. Like any good mother, I tried to get him inside and cleaned up before he saw it. Unfortunately, I didn't quite make it. He put his hand to his head, saw the blood and really started to cry. I got him calmed down, & we started to clean him up a bit. It was then that he looked at me with these big teary eyes, and asked in a quivering voice "Mommy, is there a hole?"

Here he is, all cleaned up- no hole, just a minor cut!


Teresa said...

What bruiser! Glad to hear there was no hole in his head. :)

Lesley said...

Hahaha...I remember when Mommy put puney butterfly band-aid on the hole that Alan cut into my head with his teeth. Lovely.