Friday, October 10, 2008

Restroom Talk Part 1

On my way to the bathroom at work I noticed the boss man, VP of all earth, wind and fire was about 4 steps behind me. The possibility existed that he was heading to the stall but I had to plan for all scenarios. Knowing that the bathroom has only two urinals ,I faced the following dilemma:
A: Go to the first one and force VP to take the dwarf urinal.

B: Dial up the dwarf suite myself as a measure of respect and risk him thinking (why did this freak choose the kindergarten potty ?)

Either way awkwardness is about to reign down.


Jeb said...

Send the boss man to the kiddy potty! What has he done for you lately?

alpha said...

should i be worried that half of the men who are dispatching my SWA flights have the stature of a second grader AND some of the rest have anxiety attacks when they see the boss????