Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something Special

I don't know when exactly this happened, but I do know that it was a desperate attempt to get the kids to !stay in their beds! and go to sleep.
It has become a regular event in our house. What happens is this:
I put the kids to bed.
They quickly try to escape their room, or start wandering around inside their room.
I tell them that I have "something special" for them if, and only if, they stay in their beds.
(Who doesn't want something special!?)
I scour the house looking for that something special.
Here are a few examples of the special things they have gotten so far
A hole punch
A balloon
A painted rock
A napkin ring
A mini flashlight
A calculator

But, the other night, they got the special of all specials.......glowsticks!! (Thanks Aunt E!)
Here they are - not going to sleep, because their something special, is just too special!


courtney said...

hole punch??

lucky ducks

Ana said...

hole punch=confetti
Teaching them to use the that is something special.

Teresa said...

Who doesn't love a painted rock?!

Amber said...

They need "Today you are special" plates!