Monday, July 07, 2008

Ohio - part 1

We spent all of last week in Ohio with half of the Files family. It was a great week - full of celebrations - and, since we don't really have much going on back in Texas - I'll slowly recap last week......

Our first celebration was on July 1st - Canada Day! Ever since I joined the Files Family, they have celebrated Canada with me, complete with decorations,

Canadian food,
poutine......have you ever tried it? y.u.m.

and my Father-in-law Glenn's fantastic RCMP shirt.
Do I have the best in-law's ever? Yes. I do.

I even wore my new Maple leaf earrings from Linda in honour of the day.


courtney said...

and, i'm assuming the set the table with serviettes and not those crazy american napkins!

Lorraine said...

Ryan & Allan could pass for twins! Wow!

Lesley said...

Haha, I like the u :)