Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I was just looking through my Mother-in-law's pictures from our trip up to Ohio & realized that I had left out way too many good pictures - it definitely needs another post! Plus, I forgot to mention one of the most fun things we did while we were there - berry picking! It has been years since I have been and it was so much fun, and SO, SO good! We, of course, did our fair share of berry eating as well - and by the end of it, with 2 kids involved, we all had a significant amount of berry all over us. We had red stains everywhere - it looked like we were maybe a family who resorted to blood & violence.
Yes, web slinging is appropriate at a berry farm (and also one of the only ways to get Larson to look at the camera!)

On our way to pick berries we saw this:
It's a building. A huge building. Shaped like a basket.

We also did one of my not-so-favorite activities......feeding the birds. Yes, I willingly went along thinking it would be so much fun for the kids, but let's be honest - I couldn't quite hack it. I stood WAY off to the side passing on my bird-issues to my young daughter, as Larson, Linda & Lesley fed the geese.
Can you blame me? Do you see how many of them there are!?

And even when the food is gone, they follow you.
Geese were not the only animals we saw on the trip, we also saw this little guy munching on Linda's plants right outside the kitchen window!
More celebrations pictures:
Canada Day:

And Fourth of July:
Secily's Birthday:
Me decorating cupcakes & Lesley, um, helping me. :)
And Hanging Out:

What a great family I married into!


Lesley said...

I was "helping" because I care!

Love love,
Auntie Lefley :)

courtney said...

I'm with you....birds creep me out.

Ohio looks so much like Lubbock!


Teresa said...

That bird scene is creepy...I saw the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds at a young age and was never the same...

Lorraine said...

What type of berry were you picking? It looks like black berries?

Karin said...

We picked black raspberries, & blueberries. y.u.m.

Lisa said...

The Files are a great family!! I'm thinking that my mom and I and The Kids need to make another trip to Ohio and get some of that Files fun!!

Katie Smith said...

I second the birds thing...I've gotten swooped once, that's all it took. The pics are awesome Karin, what a great family!