Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Ups & the Downs of June 18

Let's start with the "ups":

Today is Alan's birthday! So happy birthday Alan - he and Glenn came to town a few weeks ago (when I was in my slacking blogger stage), and I didn't post any pictures from their trip. Well, here they are....

(ok, so this pic wasn't really taken a few weeks ago, it was more like a few months ago, but I like it)

The kids love "Big Al" and are so happy whenever they get to see him. He is always so willing to play with, or read to them. And here is a fun-fact about Big Al - he can juggle flaming torches.

The other UP of the day was that our good friends Tim & Sarah had their 3rd baby! They had their little girl, Emily, at 8:50 this morning. We are super happy for them!

And the downs.....

Larson's teeth still hurt. He muttered under his breath today "ah. I just need to get some new teeth." Poor kid. Thankfully we have a dentist appointment tomorrow - hopefully they can help us out!

Our trip to Target.
To start it all off, the minute we stepped into the store, Larson accidentally stepped on the back of my flip flop causing the strap in between my toes to break. arg. So now I am shuffle-stepping around the store.
And Secily....Secily didn't want to ride in the cart, so she would stand up and launch herself into my arms (even if I wasn't totally paying attention - she would just jump & hope for a catch), so I decide to get tough and strap her in. This did not make Secily happy, she starts to cry....very loudly. I deal with the stares of the other Target shoppers for awhile, and then give in to Secily's pleas to walk. (I know, I know, I'm weak.) All is well until Secily decides that she doesn't want to walk, she wants me to hold her - as I am pushing the shopping cart. I tell her no, she can either get in the cart or she can walk. She tells me she wants to walk. So, I start to walk, Secily doesn't. She just lays down in the middle of the aisle. Then, in keeping with the theme of "The very bad trip to Target", when I tell Secily to get up and come to me, she begins to loudly protest. So, I want to go quickly and get her - only I have my bum flip-flop that is causing me to shuffle/jump/high step/walk over to her. I made it over to her (not so quickly) got her in the cart and we checked out immediately and went home.
I'm sure my Mother-of-the-Year award is on it's way to my house right now......


Myron, Becky, Charlie & Anders said...
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Myron, Becky, Charlie & Anders said...

Target brings out the worst in all parents and children. I had my worst freak out in the line at Target a few weeks ago when both kids were being SO BAD. I grew horns and snapped at them very loudly as I grabbed Charlie's arm violently making so many people stare. Some looked annoyed, some sympathetic and some had their fingers ready to speed dial 911.
That was the first time I ever flipped out like public.

And, A friend of mine actually KICKED his kid in Target because his arms were full...and trust me, he is like less likely to do that than Alfield! Hahahaha.

Lisa said...

LOL! I love the "kicked his kid in Target because his arms were full" comment because I've SO BEEN THERE!!!
Sorry your trip to Target wasn't stellar. But, hey, you can always get your Mother of the Year award next year!! Tee hee...mine has been revoked multiple times!

Katie Smith said...

Don't worry Karin...I think I'm going to take home the trophy for "Bad Mother of the Year." Reese won't eat solid foods for me. However, at church, she'll eat graham crackers. And at Trey's aunt and uncle's house, she ate goldfish, animal crackers and saltines. And at our house when I wasn't watching last week...SHE ATE DOG FOOD. And I've told you what Hailey did at Wal-Mart in the shopping cart.... The joys of parenting.

Amber said...

Target wouldn't be complete without one crying child and a few really ugly, so ugly that you have to buy them bras, and lip gloss that you can't get in Canada.