Thursday, June 26, 2008

Team in Training

Secily loves to do what her older brother does. And, apparently, he's wearing off on her. Yesterday, when Secily should have been sitting nicely in the stroller, she decided instead to leap out of it, as I was still pushing it, making her basically fly through the air and land flat on her nose.

Larson was obviously pleased with her decision to take action in this way.
And today, he continued his training by helping her take her first plunge off the coffee table onto the couch cushions.
What else are big brothers for...right?


Ana said...

I am so glad to see your kids jump off of furniture. We tell the boys just about every other day..."from now on, NO JUMPING!" This is one rule that just won't stick. Thank goodness Brad made our coffee table/launch pad himself and it cost like $30. Keep up the training Larson! What cuties!

Tenielle said...

Karin Larson...your children are so beautiful...and crazy, they are like small stunt people! The coffee table pictures are so funny! My mom told me all about your blog so I thought I should check you out...excellent reading!

Lesley said...

Awhhhh that last picture is so wonderful. :)

I pretty much have a back stock of things to photoshop...most picture being ones of your children. Don't be freaked out? Haha

Lisa said...

Karin, I think that you and Ryan are definitely The Cool Parents! I mean, jumping off the coffee table onto the couch cusions? Rock ON!

Dr. Kent said...

Is that really Secily? I seriously can't believe how much she has grown in one year! She looks the same size as Larson!