Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back at it.

It has been not quite 6 months since New Year's & already I am slacking on my resolutions. So - in an effort to renew the spirits of "blogging more often" I am going to attempt to blog every day this week! I was recently tagged by my cousin (in-law) Lisa with a "5 things list" - so I'll kick off the week with that:

5 Things on my to-do list today (don't get too excited reading this):
1. vacuum
2. laundry
3. library
4. Father's Day gifts
5. groceries

5 snacks I like:
1. coffee with hazelnut creamer
2. pretzels with salsa
3. hot tamales
4. trail mix
5. crackers

5 things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:
(Let's go ahead and assume that I have already given to church/family/charity...these are 5 of the "extras" that I would do)
1. hire a masseuse. to live at my house.
2. get a really great wardrobe (shallow, I know, but so fun!)
3. build a house on some land
4. travel
5. hire an organizer to come & make my garage look like a magazine, and while they are at it, organize my pictures, and my junk drawers, and my linen closet......

5 bad habits:

1. Starbucks (better call it for what it is!)
2. going too long between calling/talking to old friends
3. when I get caught up in reading a really good book, I don't do any housework. none.
4. grinding my teeth (I have an extremely attractive mouth guard that I have to wear because of this one)
5. not being able to say no

5 Places I have lived:
1. Dalmeny, SK
2. Thompson, MB
3. Regina, SK
4. Dallas, TX
5. Plano, TX

5 Jobs I've had:
1. babysitting
2. newspaper delivery
3. piano teacher
4. camp counselor
5. school teacher

5 Things people don't know about me:
1. When I was at summer camp (as a kid) I fell off of a large 'jungle swing' and hurt my shoulder. It still hurts.
2. I blush really easily, and then get embarrassed by my blushing, which makes me blush even more.
3. I have one crooked tooth.
4. I'm never the first one to go to bed.
5. I sometimes wish I had a job where I could wear a full length white lab coat.


Lesley said...

I'm never the first to go to bed either...and that lab coat idea does sound quite enticing! I miss living with you guys! Can't wait to see y'all! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the in-house masseuse! That would be great.

Ryan said...

Under the categories of "Jobs I've had" and "5 things people don't know about me". Add like to add Bartender.

True Story.

Teresa said...

You probably could have been wearing the lab coat with the previous mice ordeal and all...hopefully that's over though!

Lorraine said...

Your mom still feels so bad about your shoulder!

Myron, Becky, Charlie & Anders said...

Karin, the more "things" about you I read, the more I like you. Im glad I am not the ONLY one who does absolutely NO housework if I am wrapped up in something. And I have always wanted to wear scrubs and crocs to work. And wait, you were a bartender? Hahahaha. If you didnt mention that one, you probably dont want me to mention the "thing" we did when we were about 12. Haha.

Lisa said...

I had to laugh at the book one! I do that, too! And, the other day, I was really engrossed in watching "Pan's Labyrinth" on Netflix On Demand and completely neglected housework AND kids...and I'll say that both things survived quite nicely! (I did feed the kid and check on them periodically, and they were playing with friends, so it all worked out!)

And I think you should get a lab coat and just wear it as you do housework!

Eraina said...

Incredible. To all of it..... The blogging more, the bartending, the really good answers to 5 things... You're the best, and hey - I've seen your garage with the shelves your Dad built, and I do think that's the best real-life garage I've seen.