Tuesday, March 04, 2008 Texas! (& a hodgepodge of other things)

This morning we woke up to a blanket of snow! It was so fun, we went out first thing this morning to play (before it had time to melt!)

We built a snowman, kind-of like the one my sister-in-law Lesley made.....kind-of.

Our snowmen didn't last long......
In other news......

This is what the kids were doing this weekend while I was out of town! Looks like fun for the kids, and looks just plain funny for anyone who happened to be walking by! (This picture is a little shout out to my cousin Becky whose "stroller-blading husband" would fit in great around here!) You must come visit.

Larson continues to amuse us with his thoughts on the world, and his picking up of phrases - a couple of our recent favorites are:

When leaving anywhere in a hurry he loudly proclaims "I'm out-from-here!"

As we were driving to Bryan & Eraina's I was talking about how much fun it would be to see baby Lucy, and Larson asks me in a sweet, thoughtful voice "Mom, do we kick babies?"
Thanks for asking Larson. No. We don't.

Never a dull moment!


Lisa said...

That Larson...he's a thinker!! Although, I do remember hearing a story about Ryan walking through the room and kicking Natalie in the head when she was a baby and was lying on a blanket...maybe it's one of those things that a father passes on to his son!

Myron, Becky, Charlie & Anders said...
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Myron, Becky, Charlie & Anders said...

hahahahaha! I love it! we have the same duoglider too. maybe we should send pictures into Graco to use on their website showing the stoller's many capabilities...and maybe to consumer reports for safety ratings.

Lesley said...

Hahah, I love your little snowman. How cute! And oh, how I miss all the hilarious things that kids say! Come visit? Haha, soon? :)

eblog said...

Hahaha very funny. And regardless of how much snow is on the ground, snowmen are way easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

oh wow...larson is so funny. last week i had to tell the boys that we can't put the baby in the bath tub yet, so jack suggested the washing machine...nice. love you! ana h

Natalie said...

At least Larson asked...Ryan just ran up and kicked me when I was 3 days old. I guess kicking babies is a common assumption among 3 year olds.

I love that Secily has her favorite blanket out in the snow. My Mom gave us one like that at our baby shower last weekend. I'm sure she'll end up being the same way about it.