Saturday, March 08, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

It snowed again. This time we had the whole family out enjoying it.

We built a bigger snowman.
And taught Larson how to throw a snowball. You can see this one is headed straight at me!
I really enjoyed the snow we got this year - brought back many fun, snowy, childhood memories! I did have to laugh out loud at the news people as they described the 4 inches that we got as "treacherous". :)


eblog said...

Looks like fun! Larson has pretty great aim.

Lesley said...

OK, your pictures a great, especially the 'snowball in action" one. Very nice. And I love the faces that the kids are making in the picture with them and the snowman. Larson seems to be eatting what look to be the oreo buttons/eyes of that poor snowman. Hahah, awesome.