Friday, February 01, 2008

Welcome Lucy!

Yeah!! I am so excited - Bryan & Eraina had their baby yesterday....Lucy Larson made her big debut into this world at 1:36 p.m. She is absolutely beautiful! She has a head full of dark hair, the sweetest little nose, and the most adorable squeak when she cries. Bryan & Eraina are doing great - we are so happy for them!
Here is a pic of the sweet new family:

Of course, count on Eraina to look fantastic right after giving birth!!

Bryan & Eraina were able to introduce Lucy to my Dad & to Erik & Yuriko via the computer - it was so fun to "have them in the room with us"!

A pic of the happy new uncle & the happy Grandpa!

Now that they are parents, Bryan & Eraina have so much to look forward to - like Lucy sitting up, crawling, first words, walking....
Things like taking their sweet almost-totally potty trained child to see the doctor, and then having an accident in the middle of the waiting room which results in needing to remove the pants, put on a diaper, and, after the appointment, walk out to the car hoping not to get arrested for indecency.

So much fun awaits!! :)


courtney said...

Congratulations, Aunt Karin! Lucy looks absolutely beautiful!

Teresa said...

Yay!! How exciting! What an adorable name, I love it!

Lisa said...

Awww! What fun!
And I love the pic of Larson half nekkid!

Lesley said...

That picture of Larson is hilarious. Nice pictures too. And P.S. I made a blog too...I mean, since EOTW is pretty much not functioning right now. Mawww.

eblog said...

What fun pictures and what a beautiful baby!