Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have a ton of pictures of Secily - she is such a willing photo participant! Any time she sees the camera - even if it is not pointed at her, or even turned on - she will stop what she is doing, turn, smile and say 'cheese'. It is a breeze to get good pictures of her.....

smelling the new flowers

swinging in the park

sitting on a park bench (contemplating life, I'm sure)

with Scout

Larson, on the other hand is a little like his father in the photography category......not always a willing participant. It's not that he won't smile, or hates the camera, it's just that he does not have the time to stand still....there is too much to do!! I was lucky this week, and got a shot while he was taking a break from the mud pile in the backyard.

Larson has been pretty hilarious lately - - he is really trying to figure this world out. The other day we somehow got talking about how Ryan & I are married...he thought about this a minute and then asked "am I married?"

We have been working on learning our address which he is doing quite well at - he can pronounce the street name, the city, state, but has a little trouble with the country.....according to him, we live in Africa.

Today at dinner, Larson was talking to Ryan, and asked him a question just as Ryan had taken a bite. Ryan answered a muffled "yes" to which Larson replied "Daddy, don't talk with your mouth full - it's not polite." At least he is listening to us....maybe someday he will apply it to himself! :)

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My 3 boys said...

they are so cute. I can't believe they are getting so big!!