Thursday, February 14, 2008

If You'll Just Smile

We are back from our trip & we had a great time. It was so nice to relax & enjoy some great weather!
This was the beach that we hung out on,

and went snorkeling around....
You may be noticing a trend in these of Ryan not smiling. My husband has an amazing smile & yet he did not smile in one single picture taken on the entire trip. Not (as you will see) for my lack of trying:
Take 1:
Take 2:

Take 3:

Take 4: Tim & Sarah managed some smiles & took a great picture together - they could use it someday in a photo album, or Christmas card, or slide show....
Take 5: Sarah & I could smile too....(even with the sunburns!)
Take 6: I thought that even though he wouldn't smile with me, maybe he would pull one out for his best friend.... not so.

Take 6: Ryan!(insert exasperated sigh here)

I'll spare you the other 20 smile-less pictures I have of him! How is it that 6 years ago he married into the smiley-est family in the world!? Unreal.


eblog said...

Looks like fun! I like the snorkeling picture :]

Natalie said...

Looks like a fun trip! As for Ryan...some things just never change.

Lesley said...

Hahaha...Ryan. What a jerk. Haha You look very cute and I love that red-ish dress :)

Lisa said...

Too funny!
I once dated a guy who would stick out his tongue in every picture taken of him. Drove my mom nuts when she was trying to take prom pictures.
Luckily I didn't marry him. My mom might have killed him. Plus our wedding pitures would have been terrible!

Karin said...

I still keep trying to get Ryan to smile....I should take a lesson from his mom & just go ahead and take the picture. I guess she learned long ago! :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spot, and a beautiful, smiley wife....I know Ryan is smiling on the inside!!! Luv, k